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Simon Timony

In 1989 in the studio
At their first show, at the Church
of the Little Green Man, in 1991
Simon Timony was born on 18 May 1984 in San Francisco, CA. At the age of 11 days, he began accompanying his mother to her workplace, Ralph Records. There the great avant garde group, The Residents, ran operations and kept their recording studio. Eventually, Simon was able to sit up, and spent a great deal of his time doing so beneath his Godfather's Emulator (multi voiced computer keyboard), bathing in very odd vocalizations set to mysterious and quirky melodies. Later, BaBa assembled a studio of Simon's own, replete with Jay Mar miniature piano, a mini Casio, a drum, and shocking pink fake fur rug.

His first taste for performing came at age 18 months as he joined The Residents and legendary guitarist, Snakefinger, in their rehearsals for the "13th Anniversary Tour". Daily he would dance and sing with the performers as they practiced. In fact, Simon played guitar left-handed in his very early yea