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How You Make A Live Stinky Puff Show

(from the liner notes)

The first show we did was when my friend Rob K asked if we would play at The church of the Little Green Men. He said they were going baptizing a baby and a band with a kid in it would be good for the ceremony. It was fun. We practice in the warehouse. We played at The Velvet Elvis and Krist came adn brought some big amps for us to use then we went to the back seats and ate junk food. Krist said the oreos werent made with lard anymore and mommy said she would eat them anyway. Then we had the Stinky Puffs show in Olympia at the Yo Yo festival. Momy brought Beck back to say hi. I was so excited that he bought a Stinky Puffs t-shirt. Krist and Dave played with us and it was so fun. When it was all over I felt like I had a really good dream. We did stores at Aquarius in San Francisco and Ajax in Chicago. When we do a Stinky Puffs show everyone in the band wears a Stinky Puffs t-shirt. It is our uniform. At the Coney Island show I got to come out of a trap door. That night Don wore a Stinky Puffs sweat shirt and the rest of us wore t-shirts. Don is like the captain. We played at a talent show and Mrs Newman who is the head of my school and also my French teacher was there. It was great ! We also played at CBDG's and it was fun. And so, thats how a Stinky Puffs show is made. Oh yeah, you can't do a Stinky Puffs show without the audience. I love them and it's a sharing feeling. Sharing is cool.

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