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How A Stinky Puff Song Is Made

(from the liner notes)

First on the night or day before we come up with different thoughts like food or bands I like or different monsters. Then we get bagles at the bagle place and go to the studio. Don does someguitar sound that feels like the thing and then everybody just starts playing stuff. After the song ends, Don either says, "O.K., what's next ?" or "Let's save that one and do it again." We usually do it a second time and everybody figures ou tbetter what they are playing and I can think of more things to say. Then Don says, "O.K. we got it" or somebody complains they messed up or I say "Let's try one better" and we do it again. I don't think we have ever done a song more than 3 times.The new way I am starting to do songs is to write down lyrics and be more ready with words typed so I can read them better. We take a break and get some more stuff from the bagle place and then we do some more songs. We do as many songs as we can. Then we get tired or momy says I look tired or Don has to go. Once we all went out for dinner after. We went to a horrible fancy restaurant and they only gave me and Cody jsut this 1 little tiny bit of noodles with garlic but I'm glad they had artichokes. And so that's how a Stinky Puff song is made.

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