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Advice for Kids Who Have Been Left Behind

1it's not your fault duh
2keep talking to your mom
3take Yoga if you can
4don't feel sorry for yourself too long, In the beginning you can't help it but don't do it very long
5well this isn't really my advice but a little I wanted to shoot my step-dad and break up his old guitar and my mom stopped me and said forgiveness is the best revenge and I said "huh ?!" Then I remembered what I said up to my friend when he shot himself was that I love him anyway and that can make you feel better and less sad and mad but you have to feel mad so here's my next advice
6don't take it out on your stuff It doesn't make sense
7write down you r feelings and write songs. I think more kids should start bands
8hug your mommy tigher and take care of yourself and your mom and take your vitamins. There's a song to remind you
9try to think about other stuff like school, animals, do a project like making a mask, or a golden hand or read or play an instrument like guitar
10don't hate the guy but don't be like him either and definitely do'nt kill your parents like the Menendez brothers. That's not a good solution
11I didn't have to buy I know some kids have to hear parents yelling. Maybe sing loudly over it and remember it's not our fault. We made a play about it
12Try to remember the good times even if it makes you sad, they are still good memories
13While I was awake my brain couldn't figure out how men I loved were just disappearing so the sadness would interact with my dreams and they got screwy and frustrating which is how I wrote Rubber Pen. Mine went away after a while but if yours don't, maybe you should talk to your mom or someone who can get you back to having normal weird dreams
14you can write me. My address is - THE STINKY PUFFS Simon Fair Timony 109 Minna Street #250 San Francisco CA 94105 USA or my fax number is 415-437-0323 It's OK to send me your but my mom said I can't give out our phone number in the deal we made if I put out this record. At first she said I couldn't put it out because of privacy and because my step dad would look bad because he is still alive (but I felt like he died because he never said goodbye or that he's sorry. My friend who is dead can't but people should say sorry while they still can)I said I don't mean to make anyone mad but I just want to talk to kids who are hurt from parents leaving them and tell them what happened to me adn ways they can maybe feel better. Then not mean sounding I told my mom I don't tell her what to write or song. She said, " your right, man!" and then she agreed that I have a right to express myself especially if it helps me which brings me to my last advice which is
15Say what you think and have a strong mind because if you're a strong kid you can grow up to be a strong grown up and won't just leave and try to keep the family together because a family is more important than anything like money or games or friends or bands or anything.

Love,    SIMON      

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