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Songs and Advice for Kids Who Have Been Left Behind Liner Notes

When I was in Cathys' class my friend who I loved who was in a band in Seattle killed himself. We were going to do some recordings together in the spring and he said he was going to send me some drawings. I sent him a fax saying that we would be in San Francisco at the same time and we can use the Residents studio. I loved him very much and I couldn't do anything to bring him back and I felt kind of like I should have written him more notes or gave him some more of my drawings or anything to think about something else that day. Then I wished he called to at least say goodbye, then I would have a chance to change his mind but now I know it was dumb to think t hat.
Now I'm in Mr. Thorne's class. Just when I first started school my step-dad who I started the Stinky Puffs with said he wasa going to Maryland for a few days but then he never came home and then we found out he moved all his stuff without telling us. My step-grandmother wouldn't tell us where he was even though she knew. It made my mom look skinny and old and smoke a lot. We talkeda bout it ht next day after when my step-dad said he was going to come for Halloween. We made a mask helmet out of the elk pelvis my friend sent me that he found on his farm. We carved a Cyclops pumpkin and got ready to see my step-dad and we checked the messages but he didn't come. So then my mom told me that he decided never to come home and she said the most important thing was that it wasn't my fault and I told her duh . My mom said that's what a lot of kids think and that they should have done anything they could to keep their dads from leaving. I thought about that when my friend died for a long time and I thought about it until I decided it was dumb and I can't change things no matter how much I love or miss him or my step-dad. And that's why I said duh to my mom. And then she said her doctor told her about statistics of lots of fathers leaving their kids and that I'm not the only one and I thought about all the kids who think it is their fault and I said I wanted to put out a Stinky Puffs record for kids to tell them advice since it happened to me twice in the same year and I learned a lot that other kids might not think of. So here is my songs and advice for kids who have been bailed on.

A Year Later

This is a year later and everything is very different. My mom asked me if we could please wait a year to master to make sure I still wanted to put it out. The year was fast and slow but at least I found out that the advice I gave got me through pretty well adn a lot of my friends told me they wish they had the record when they were kids when their parents got divorced and our neighbor was a kid when her uncle died and said she wished she had it. So I figured there will always be kids who might need it. The very sad part is over for me and I've leanred a lot. Bad stuff - one freakish thing is that mothers split too so in the advice part just switch dad and mom. Also, adults can be big babies. Some music friends and 2 of my bnad mates left us and that was harsh. My step family just stopped writing and talking to us which hurt a lot. But that's all them not me. Good - I am much happier now. Our band is great because we all work hard in our new studio and we all love each other and have a great time playing shows which we do a lot now and which I love! We moved back to San Francisco and my mom looks like a sexy 14 year old again. Best of all the thing we kept hearing about time heals things is really true and you do get over painful events but I don't think you ever forget them or that you even should. It's mostly over and I learned a lot and I really hope I helped some kids and maybe some adults too. Next record will get just regular fun weird happy and Stinky Stuff thank goodness !

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