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Kid City
December 1995

Simon Fair Timony hangs at music clubs, and has lots of friends who are musicians. Sounds wild? Well, Simon's mom keeps a close eye on him. She is the drummer for his band, The Stinky Puffs. And Simon plays a mean guitar. For them, rock 'n' roll is a family thing.
"I love playing live shows," Simon told Kid City. One of Simon's favourite concerts was when The Stinky Puffs played at the same show as Nirvana. Two guys from Nirvana even played on his album, "Something Smells Funny in Here".
When Simon's on tour, he's in the car a lot. "But I read and do my homework," he says. Oh his last tour, he read 20 books!

Rhymin' Simon

Simon reads a lot. But writing songs is what he loves most. His songs are about things he likes .... monsters, vitamins, and friends. "I write everything down," he says.
Simon gives some of the money his records make to groups that help kids. He asks that people who buy his records give a little money to the homeless.
Keep rockin' and rollin', Simon!

Feeling Left Behind

Simon was upset when his stepfather suddenly left the family. But Simon knows he's not alone. He and his mom talk about how lots of kids' parents are splitting up.
Simon's latest album is for kids who have lost an important grown-up. It's called "Songs and Advice for Kids Who Have Been Left Behind". Check it out.

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