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Live: Stinky Puffs

If singer/guitarist Simon Fair Timony keeps at it, by the time the wide-eye, eleven-year-old child prodigy reaches his teens, it would come as no surprised if The Stinky Puffs were everyone's favourite punk rock band.
Accompanied by his mom, Sheenah Fair on drums and Eric Eble on bass, The Stinky Puffs have a raw, old-school, hardcore style, coupled with Timony's high-pitched, angelic voice leaving the audience entranced and begging for more after each song.
Opening with "Something Smells Funny in Here", the title of their new CD (which they were selling for only five bucks), they ripped through a number of heart-warming, quick and pounding hits, including a cover of a Residents' tune, which the ever endearing Timony enthusiastically insisted is "the best band in the whole world!" Pretty cool influences for a young lad, but it seems that he's been close to great musicians most of his life.
His mom, Sheenah Fair, brought him to work with her at Ralph Records (where The Residents kept shop in San Francisco) since he was eleven days old. He's toured with The Residents, performed with two thirds of Nirvana, post Cobain (who are also on the CD), smashed a guitar, "shared some love" with Kurt Cobain, and his stepfather is Jad Fair (of Half Japanese). And you thought your life was pretty rocking.

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