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Rolling Stone
Hot List '95
24 August 1995

He's a veteran of two bands. He has cut three albums. He can't play any gigs until he finished his Egypt report for history class. Growing up backstage with Sonic Youth and The Residents (Dad was the green eyeball), SIMON FAIR TIMONY, who's now 11, thought all adults made records. He didn't feel like waiting. Before he hit kindergarden, he'd formed The Foo-Foo Heads; an EP by his current band, The Stinky Puffs, was circulating among the naps-and-cookies crowd before he left the second grade.
Adult heads turned when pal Kurt Cobain dropped Simon's name on the liner notes of Incesticide. Last July, when Kirst Novoselic and Dave Grohl made their first post-Nirvana appearance with The Stinky Puffs, all media hell broke loose. MTV Europe will be following the Puffs around this summer, and their new punk-pop album, A Little Tiny Smelly Bit of .... Something Smells Funny in Here is the best-selling CD in Elemental Records' history.
"Simon's a natural," mother (and Puffs drummer) Sheenah Fair says proudly, and Simon does made songwriting sound simple. "All you have to do is think really hard and then write it down as a tune," he says. Nor do his lead-guitar duties seem to give him any trouble: "If we're playing fast, it's a little bit hard unless you've practiced, but slow is really easy. You just have to konw where to put your fingers at a certain time." Simon is equally at ease explaining the meaning of the band's name. "It's a fart. A lot of people don't really get that. The only person who got it was my uncle, because he has a bowling team and he named them the Bowl Movements."

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